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Rent 2 Own Orlando / Tampa

Discover the Benefits of our Rent 2 Own Program


Other Rental / Purchase Options

Our Rent 2 Own Program

 1.  What is the quality of homes available?

 2.  Wait! How do I "rent" a "for sale" Home?

 3.  What is the application fee?

 4.  What is the application fee for add'l adults?

 5.  How many homes may I consider?

 6.  Do you pull my credit report?

 7.  What is the fee for "Right to Purchase?"

 8.  If I don't purchase, do I get $ back? 

 9.  Does any rent credit go towards purchase?

10.  Will it cost me anything if I don't purchase? 

11.  How long until I can move in?

12. How much is the security deposit?

13.  Will my security deposit be returned? 

14.  Do I pay a "last months" rent up front?

15.  What is my total out of pocket cost?

16.  Do I have an option to purchase?

17.  When do I find out the purchase price?

18.  How long will I have to purchase? 

19.  Am I committed to purchase the home? 

20.  If I don't purchase, will I be penalized?

Our Rent 2 Own Program

Other Rental / Purchase Options

Our Rent 2 Own Program

 1.  "for sale" homes better condition 

 2.  We purchase it and rent it to you

 3.  $75.00

 4.  Nothing - all covered for the entire family

 5.  Unlimited for a full 90 days

 6.  Yes, once

 7.  Zero

 8.  Doesn't apply since you paid nothing

 9.  No, since you paid nothing

10. No

11. 4-5 wks if Vacant, more if Occupied

12. Two months rent

13. Yes

14. No

15. 3 months: Security, plus 1st months rent  16. Yes

17. Before you move into your rental

18. Five years

19. No

20. No      

Other Rental / Purchase Options

Other Rental / Purchase Options

Other Rental / Purchase Options

 1.  Lower quality rental type homes

 2.  You don't

 3.  Typically $ 50.00 to $ 75.00

 4.  Typically you pay for each Add'l Applicant

 5.  Only One!

 6.  You get it pulled for each home

 7.  Many owners charge between $3 to $10k

 8.  On typical / standard agreements, NO

 9.  some agreements allow for a small amount

10. Yes your entire "option" payment

11. Unknown: When unit becomes available

12. Typically one months rent

13. Very difficult but possible

14. Typically one monts rent

15. Three months: security, 1st plus last month  16. Sometimes, if your agrrement allows it

17. Depending on the agreement but often NO

18. Opened

19. Yes, but if you don't, it will cost you!

20. Yes, typically all your "option" money      

The Bottom Line!

Typically, if you are going to rent and lay out three months: Security Deposit, Last month’s rent and then first month’s rent upon move in why not get a "for sale" home without deferred maintenance issues due to investors stretching their profit margins by denying repairs year after year? Yes, Rent 2 Own Orlando's program is far better than a typically run down rental?

Disclaimer on "Standard" Application Fees:

The typical maintenance fees was compiled by Rent 2 Own Orlando based on historical experience. What other rental agents and owners may charge may vary and must be looked at on a case by case situation.

If just "Renting" is what you want; you can do that too!

You may just simply rent through our program. You are NOT required to purchase the home. Excerising your right to purchase is only an only an "option" for you later. If you decide to vacate at the end of any annual lease term there is no penalty or costs to you whatsoever!