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Rent 2 Own Orlando / Tampa

Questions Most Often Asked about Us and Our Program


  • What is your marketing focus? Our focus is to make available a Lease with Right to Own Program as a path to home ownership for those who are not quite ready to purchase but desire to live in their dream home now as a tenant until ready to purchase.
  • Why do you show homes on you site? As an example of a home you may choose and the related monthly rental and purchase price that you will pay later if you decide to purchase the home from us.
  • Is there any difference between the featured Vacant home from the Other Home in each area? No, all homes are considered under the same guidelines. However, Our Featured Vacant homes may be view prior to approval into the program while the occupied homes can only be viewed after approval.
  • Why do you feature Vacant Homes on this site? To give our prospective clients an example of homes we offer in our program and homes that they can view unassisted without an appointment before getting approved into the program. Also, vacant homes are easier and quicker for us to purchase and quicker for you to occupy. 
  • Do you own the properties that you show for Rent/Lease on this site? No. These homes are shown for illustrative purposes only. We show the rental price on each home assuming we purchase the home at the listed price.
  • What is your home purchasing Guidelines? - Property Guidelines.
  • How much money do I need for your Program? $75.00 application fee, two months refundable lease security deposit and the first months rent when you move in.
  • How long will I be able to occupy my chosen home from the time I select it? The short answer is 5 to 6 weeks. It takes us 4 to 5 weeks to purchase the home and another 1 to 2 weeks to make it ready for you to occupy. Vacant homes will be on the lower side of the estimate.
  • When do I pay the two months lease security deposit? 48 hours after we have an accepted contract to purchase on your chosen home.
  • Why so soon, I will not be occupying the home for 5 plus weeks? We want to secure you as a tenant before we purchase the home. Therefore, we have you sign your lease and pay the security deposit then we move forward with the purchase. 
  • Is there any cost for the Right to Purchase? No. Most of our competitors charge thousand of dollars which is non-refundable if you don't purchase your home. We charge nothing!
  • How many years am I guaranteed to have a Right to Purchase? As long as you are in compliance with the terms of your lease, you have five years from the time your occupancy begins.
  • Am I required to Purchase my rental home? No, simply vacate at the end of any lease year and receive your deposit back (providing you are compliant with the terms of your lease).